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1 April 1969
I joined LJ about a year or so ago and never activated my account until today. Why? I don't know. Life got in the way, I guess.

I am extremely devoted to my two dogs, Bryndy (dk brown/lt brown brindle coat) and Lyla (white with tan spots). I probably talk about them wayyyyy too much but they are my furry children and they amuse and delight me on a daily basis.

I am a struggling author, a sometime stand-up comedianne, and a master of sarcasm.

You will see me on the forums at BookCrossing under the same name. I devote most of my inter-web-community stuff (BC, LJ, flickr) to the dogs - who are in charge of everything else in my life so why not the computer, too?

Anything else you want to know (and probably some things you don't) you will probably be reading about if you keep up with my entries. And I really hope you do. Keep up with my entries, I mean. The reason I am doing this, which wasn't really evident until I started, is that I want to work on my writing and my humor and I might as well do it where people can tell me what they think; not just of what is going on in my life, but of my writing itself. Some of my entries are stories and have story-like qualities. Did I make you smile? Did I make you laugh? Did you cry noisily into the night after reading yet another account of my ironic existence? (You'll find out!). I sincerely want your feedback on how an Irish(ish) girl with no luck (sucked away by the Americanization of her genes) struggles to survive in a world quickly losing its sense of humor.

Just think of all the things you'll miss by not reading my entries...how Lyla entertains Bryndy and I by doing doofy things like doing a full-body shake in the doorway and hitting her head on the jamb. . . how LOST is beginning to rule my life . . . the quest for meaningful employment . . . adventures in house cleaning . . . and let's not forget the popular cooking escapades! Of course, there's also the never-ending family dramas involving Mom, bro, SIL, three nieces and a nephew . . . but, I hear you ask, "AA, what about romance?" And I answer, "Oh I got pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeenty of that! (I'm actually hoping that somewhere in there I will find romance, but knowing me, if it happens it will be of the generic, image-rich, fantasy type involving the entire male cast of a certain abc television show). See how much you're missing already? Go ahead, click me. You know you want to. :o)

Bryndy wins Mod's choice for "My Favorite Part of My Bully" contest in her first-ever entry into petbulls community theme-week photo contest! "My favorite part of my bully is her ability to bend in any situation. The Noodle." Yay for Noodley Bullies!!

Bryndy and Lyla both win for "What My Bully Does Best" contest in petbulls community theme-week photo contest! "What my bullies do best is share." Yay for Sharing Bullies!

Bryndy and Lyla win the "Cutest Holiday Bullies" contest in petbulls community theme-week photo contest! Serves me right for spending an hour trying to pose them in front of the tree only to have them collapse on the couch! :o)

Last Update: Jan. 1, 2008

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